Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Overview

Seo ServiceDesigning a home page and hosting are only the first steps to creating successful web site. Once the web site is active, then web surfers must be able to find your new creation! Our company provides the follow-up service to submit your web site to all of the major search engines. We utilize powerful software and sophisticated techniques to make sure that your web site receives visitations. Search Engine Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO)and website marketing is not a service we take lightly; it takes time and effort to make sure that the intended results are realized. The goal is getting the correct exposure and increased visitation for your web site. A joint effort with the client assures that the right key words are utilized and that the proper categories for your web site are selected. Key phrases are important, and we consult with you as part of our fee. A key phrase is a word that will zero in on the area that best describes your organization. We help you find the right key phrases and submit them to the appropriate search engines.

Search engines change frequently and their requirements vary from service to service. Our company uses the latest techniques to assure that your submit gets to the most recent and active search engines located all over the world. We optimize your web page for the top search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This process is very valuable because it will allow us and you to update your web site so that these popular search engines accept your web page and thus rank you higher.

An increasingly popular method of search engine marketing is the use of "Pay Per Click" advertising such as that found on Google and Yahoo. Rossini Management Systems, Inc. specializes in this form of advertising and offers guidance and management of pay per click advertising for your organization. We can target zip code specific areas, or provide global vision for your web site. Our SEO service adds a new sales tool for your organization, and has proven to be a new and exciting way to generate leads and sales. Call us today.

Give us a test drive for just $100.00/mo. We will do the following:

  • Research your internal html code and make suggestions as to how it can be upgraded
  • If you are not submitting your web site to the main search engines we will submit it at least twice per month
  • Create appropriate ads in Craigslist
  • Submit one key word to a major search engine for advertising
  • Data Base Applications
  • And, Much More!

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