About Us

Rossini.com is the one-stop shop for your Internet identity. Our company has the longevity and overall experience to handle all of your online needs. Our customer base ranges from one person companies to those with hundreds of employees. At Rossini.com, we can handle all of our customer's Web related needs, from creation to marketing, from hosting to email, from simple to complex, from full CMS to monthly web maintenance, from full database applications to "do it yourself" sites, from PayPal to full E-commerce, from simple security to full SSL Certificate support, from spam to virus filtering - you can depend on our experience and staff.

Company History

Rossini Management Systems, Inc. is a corporation formed in 1986 to sell computer software and point of sale systems to the retail, commercial and business marketplace. Some of our clients included AMC Entertainment, Russell Stover Candies, Hallmark Cards and others. Cash registers, point of sale hardware, scanning systems, inventory control, theater ticketing systems and retail consulting were our main areas of interest.


In April of 1994, Rossini Management Systems, Inc. opened its multimedia operations. Today these skills are well utilized for our Website design and programming, with staff members having an average of 30 years experience with computer programming, database management, graphic design, advertising, multimedia, website creation, hosting, and more.

Since April of 1994, we have secured major contracts with several major chambers of commerce, cities and county government agencies, economic development organizations, commercial businesses, and retail.

Our emphasis has now shifted to a strong concentration in the area of website creation, hosting, Internet marketing, search engine submit and placement services, and online database applications. Our database application can be utilized for email tracking, newsletter sign-up, and specific applications for customers such as tenant tracking, membership lists, leasing space, retail sales, distributor information, and more.

We now offer hosting of websites and applications. We have continued to expand our line of Linux servers to include Windows servers, and we also now offer free spam and virus email filtering to our customers, using SpamAssassin, one of the top spam filters in the industry.

Our staff has experience in programming, project management, web site design, web site maintenance, web submit service, strategic planning, database creation, sales, advertising, art, graphic art, printing, CAD/CAM programming, hardware installation and maintenance, network installation and maintenance, inventory control systems, computer system management, and much more. With our wide range of experience and with a history of assisting companies and organizations with marketing and increasing profits, rossini.com is your logical choice.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 24 years in business
  • Impressive list of satisfied Economic Development, Chambers of Commerce, City, County, State and commercial clients
  • Proven track record in interactive products, Internet applications and data base systems, and web-based
  • Internet Marketing
  • Highly competent and experienced staff:
  • Experienced software and web site designers
  • Experienced user interface designers
  • Experienced project managers
  • Graphic artists and Artists
  • Experienced programmers (C, C++, HTML, XHTML UNIX, JAVA, JavaScript, CGI, Perl, PHP,Active-X, CSS, etc.)
  • Data base programmers
  • Marketing and SEO Experts

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