Web Design Overview

The Internet is one of the most dynamic communications mediums in the history of man. Everyone from economic developers, cities, counties, states, manufacturers, retailers, large corporations, to "mom and pop" operations are getting "online" fast and furious. There are now hundreds of millions of people online and growing at a rate of 1 million customers a month! The Internet equalizes the playing field; it is one area where a small business can compete successfully with large companies.

The Internet is the "Big Brochure In the sky". Think of the Internet as a giant brochure or advertisement that only has to be created once, and then becomes available to over 150 million potential customers. Think of an advertisement that runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long! This brochure is full color, interactive, with multiple screens (or pages), with photographs and other graphics, for the same cost or less than a traditional advertising piece.

Web Design Options

  • Interactive online calendars
  • Interactive "News" Application
  • Javascript Tools and Plugins
  • Advanced Web Page Reporting
  • Data Base Applications
  • Sophisticated Graphics
  • Weekly Web Site Testing
  • And, Much More!

Publish an Online "Brochure"

Rossini Management Systems, Inc. is a full service Internet provider with an Internet server used only for the purpose of hosting home pages. We also offer design, art creation, programming services, and support. We can create a simple home page for as little as $50.00 a month on a one-year contract. We also create sophisticated, multiple screen, and complex home pages at negotiated rates.

Design Process

  • Design the presentation
  • Convert the presentation to HTML (language of the Internet)
  • Host the home page on an Internet server (Rossini.com)
  • Publish" the domain name (www.yoursite.com)
  • Submit your web site to the major search engines

For more information about Rossini.com and web design

please view our portfolio to see some of our past work