"E-News" Service Overview

Need more contact with your customers, distributors, club members, or other group? Would you like to grab their attention but save time, material, and postage? Consider our "E-News" newsletter service, Rossini.com E-News

Let Rossini Management Systems, Inc. create a graphic "web page" newsletter that can be mailed to your email list bi-monthly, monthly, or quarterly. Save the construction time and costly printing of a monthly newsletter! Save the cost of materials and the time to collate and stuff envelopes! Save postage!

Your newsletter may contain colorful graphics, photographs, product information, sales information, and much more! Let Rossini Management Systems, Inc. take care of all of the details! Once your project has been set up, our system automatically removes any bounced email and any unsubscribe requests each time the newsletter is broadcast. You send us your wording, and photos, if applicable, and we take care of the rest. Our service also provides a detailed report for each newsletter sent out, so you know which links and text are most visited.

E-News newsletters can be used for informational purposes or for specials that can excite your customer base and increase your sales. Our customers have seen sales increase dramatically after the launch of an interactive newsletter. Specials, coupons, new releases, all can be used to update your customer base on new marketing and sales opportunities.

Start increasing your sales and communicating

your product information to your important contacts with an "E-News" Newsletter today!