Website Maintenance Overview

Website MaintenanceOk. Great. You've got your web page up and running. Now, the important part! After taking the time and energy to publish a web site, one of the overlooked items is keeping the web site current with fresh, up-to-date information. A "stale" web site doesn't attract business or keep viewers.Web Site Maintenance

At Rossini Management Systems, Inc. we believe one of the more important functions of our company is to maintain our customer's web sites. To that end, we offer several affordable maintenance packages to facilitate this important activity, and we make it easy for our customers to keep their web sites current. Our maintenance packages allow for one, two, or three hours of monthly maintenance, with negotiable rates for those customers who may need more maintenance.

Through our maintenance plans, our customers simply email, FAX or ''snail mail" their changes to us on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, and we take care of the rest! The maintenance plans provide for maintenance that is extremely affordable, and much more cost effective than hiring personnel, or taking valuable time away from your business. Further, a web site that is maintained on a periodic basis is always current, vs. one that ages, requiring an extensive, and possibly expensive, update

Maintenance Package Includes:

One and two hours of technical web support via phone, FAX or email. These packages allow for minor text based changes to an existing web site.

A good example of our support option is the consistent need to update an existing product line, pricing changes, or the addition/change of staff members. These minor changes are critical, but often can be overlooked. With support, your web site remains current and fresh.

Maintenance Benefits:

  • Keep your web site current
  • Publish monthly newsletters for customers
  • Offer monthly "specials" or "coupons"
  • Phone support for our customers
  • Save the time and cost of a full-time "webmaster"
  • Social media maintenance
  • Internal keywords and html kept updated

Are you more the "DIY" type?

At we offer TWO different types of Content Management System (CMS) packages to suit your needs.

For customers who are looking to just make text-based updates along with the capability to update photos and images, but, want something easy to use, we offer our "Easy CMS" Package. With this CMS system, and using a "what you see is what you get" editor, customers can easily make changes and keep their websites up to date. This system will also allow the publishing of timely news articles and alerts in addition to the ability to edit text.

For websites and applications requireing a comprehensive approach, we offer our "Total CMS" application. With this CMS it is possible to update ALL aspects of a website: text, photos, documents, videos, add new pages, build data, and much, much, more. For an example of a website completely maintained with Total CMS, please visit The team at Kuecker can update all aspects of this site including update front page slider, add new products, add case studies, add used equipment for sale, and more. If you have a large website project and a team that needs the ability to think and react fast contact us today and ask if this package can fit your requirements

CMS Benefits:

  • Keep your web site current
  • Quickly react by posting website updates at any time
  • Offer timely website news or alerts
  • Suitable for advanced applications
  • Ideal to foster a team approach with the autonomy to manage website updates
  • Perfect if you need to maintain data collected with your website

Are you interested in our website maintenance program?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have